You’re probably wondering what the C.U.R.E. is all about and if it’s for you? The answer is that it’s for all of us – if we think about and examine the cracks in our lives – the times we falter, get sick, suffer, and reach out for help. We all need Compassion, Understanding, Respect, and Empathy. But these terms are bandied about commonly these days. How do you know if the CURE applies to you?

Start by answering some personal questions:

Have you ever had experiences as a patient that left you miffed, disappointed, bewildered, confused, anxious, vulnerable, or outright angry?

Have you suffered from or do you suffer from recurrent or chronic illness or conditions that make each day a challenge – mentally, physically, and energetically?

Are you a caregiver or spouse/partner who is trying to navigate the health care system but find it hard to be supportive and an effective advocate?

Are you a medical student, physician, or other healthcare provider who values connection? Do you sometimes feel burned out or unable to react compassionately with your clients or patients?

Have you thought about how you can partner with others to lead a healthy, meaningful, and purposeful life?

I believe that when you get yourself in shape – physically, mentally, and spiritually – you can lead a purposeful life by helping others do the same. It takes INTENTION.

I’m here to help you do that.

Why me?

I have decades of experience in health care. I’ve worked for over 30 years as an ER physician in various cities across Canada and the USA. I helped establish some of the first policies in domestic violence prevention in Boston, MA. I’ve worked for a decade in family medicine and have always had an interest in mind-body medicine. I was one of the first clinicians to attend lectures and workshops by Dr. Herbert Benson, a professor at Harvard and the father of the “relaxation response”, in addition to Jon Kabat-Zinn, who pioneered mindfulness in medicine in the late 80’s – long before it was trendy.

In recent years, due to some personal medical issues – from a hiatus hernia, to a retinal tear, and 5 deliveries – including a c-section (twins!) – I’ve had to deal with the medical system from the patient end. It can be a scary and frustrating experience and I’ve come to appreciate these challenges when I’m treating patients in the ER. So, I want to make a difference.

In the past 5 years, I’ve starting teaching medical students on a formal basis and it’s forced me to examine which values I want to transmit to these future physicians. Communication, based on C.U.R.E., is one of those. The doctor-patient relationship is a privileged one because it reflects the bond inherent in all meaningful human connection. I believe that healing best occurs when there is trust, hope, and connection. It’s also something that each of us can provide in our own unique ways and at opportune moments, if we are attentive to the needs of others! In reaching out to others, whether as a physician, a neighbor, or friend – we offer relief from suffering and, in doing so, bring purpose to our own lives. What a win-win situation.

Come along on the journey with me – help me live by the motto: CURE YOU – CURE ME.