Horses as Teachers

How much do we think about our myriad daily interactions? Every time we connect with someone – with a glance or a smile, however fleeting – and with every word we speak, we share more than information or knowledge: we share a personal message about who we are. And every day is different; we open … Continue reading Horses as Teachers

Find Your Inner Hero

The pandemic of coronavirus has flung us, unwilling and disbelieving, into a time of uncertainty. Hiding out in our homes, we try to deny the upheaval in our lives. We’ve lost the life we knew just a few months ago. As described by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, the stages of loss include denial, followed by anger, bargaining, … Continue reading Find Your Inner Hero

Push on.

Most of us, unless we’re certain personality types, don’t enjoy pushing ourselves much beyond our comfort zones – whether physical or emotional. When it comes to being pushed, it depends on who is pushing – perhaps a good friend, coach, trainer, or partner? We do better when someone is watching or coaching us and that’s … Continue reading Push on.

Proactive or reactive?

I’ve had plenty of opportunities in the past few weeks to contemplate my weaknesses and misgivings: the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur inspire the practice of just that. It’s specifically a time of repentance and encourages real changes in our lives – a concept called “teshuva”. In Hebrew, it means “to return”, … Continue reading Proactive or reactive?

Warrior pose

Have you ever lived through an epidemic, an infestation, or a plague? You can probably imagine it if you’ve watched movies like Outbreak, Virus, or Contagion. They’re high tech medical thrillers, making our adrenals squeeze adrenalin into our bloodstream with every heartbeat while we watch the screen, thousands perishing from invisible microbes spread from a … Continue reading Warrior pose

What’s the buzz?

Early this morning, while walking our 3-legged dog, Jessie, I heard a steady low-pitched drone overhead. I usually keep my eyes cast downward, wary of gifts left by other dogs on the street. But the hum caught my attention and urged my gaze upwards to the sunny canopy formed by a row of golden ash … Continue reading What’s the buzz?